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Various lists of the deported

Polska Walczaca lists
Between 1943 and 1944 the Polska Walczaca newspaper published various lists of the deported. They contain names, addresses, birth dates etc. Each list is different and its worth searching each of them. These are copied from the archives of the Polish Library, POSK, Hammersmith, London UK.

These files are very large, so will take some time to download. 
Addresses of Polish military families in the Soviet Union - Published in 1943.
Adresy Rodzin Wojskowych w ZSSR (the PDF file can be searched, once it is downloaded)

Names of Poles in Tehran, Persia - Published in 1943.
Polacy Przybywajacy w Teheranie (the PDF file can be searched, once it is downloaded)

Names of Poles evacuated from the Soviet UnionPublished as supplements to 17 editions, between April and August 1943. (Includes names of children evacuated to India, in the last three pages)
Osoby wyewakuowane z ZSSR (the PDF file can be searched, once it is downloaded)

Selection of articles from Polska Walczaca - Published between 1943 - 1944
Polish Army in USSR, Junacy (Cadets), Pestki

List of Polish Military and Civilian settlers (Osadnik's)
The Polish Osadnik organisation - Stowarzyszenie Rodzin Osadnikow Wojskowych i Cywilnych Kresow Wschodnich have published the attached list showing names and locations of all Osady and Osadnik's
Wykaz Osad (Excel file, can be sorted by name, Osada etc)

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